About Me June 24, 2022

Who I Am

It has been a long journey for me to be selling Real Estate, one that has taken me all the way across the pond from England, to now here in the greater Seattle area of Washington State, which is today home.

I came to the USA to pursue a career opportunity, and to push myself personally. Having landed in California with just a suitcase of clothes and no contacts, I threw myself in the deep end. After 4 years I had exceeded all expectations and targets, established many business and personal relationships, and I had even met and married my wife.

When the global pandemic came and changed the world, my wife and I took the time to evaluate what was truly important and what we wanted as a family. This is what brought us up to Washington State and a new career path a Real estate Agent.

Being a Real Estate Broker is what I not only have the deep-down burning passion for, but what I also truly believe I have been perfectly crafted and molded to be successful at:

  • My Father served in the army and from him I learned the values of hard work, discipline, and duty.
  • My Mother, raising 3 children and caring for a handicapped husband, instilled in me the enormous will to help others, the desire to put other’s interests ahead of my own, and the courage to make sacrifices to bring greater rewards.
  • Being the youngest of 3 boys (as well as being by far the smallest!) brought about my sheer determination and competitiveness, as well as the focus to learn and think creatively to give me the winning edge.

These traits are what I bring to my role as a Real Estate Agent and how I will deliver the best service I possibly can, for you to reach your real estate needs and goals.